Susan Boyle Rulez!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The world was stunned when Susan Boyle sang “I Dream a Dream”…… Before she sang, both the audience and the judges appeared to express skepticism based on her unpolished appearance and awkwardness. In contrast, her vocal performance was so well received that she has been dubbed "The Woman Who Shut Up Simon Cowell". She received a standing ovation from the live audience, garnering yes-votes from all judges.

The juxtaposition of the reception to her voice with the audience's first impression of her triggered global interest. Articles about her appeared in newspapers all over the world, while online videos views of her performance set many record like YouTube, receiving almost 34million viewers in one particular clip. Furthermore, Simon Cowell is reported to be setting up a contract with Boyle with his Syco Music company label, a subsidiary of Sony Music.

What amazing she is, it’s like a Cinderella story, rag to riches….unbelievable… hope she’ll win the Britain’s Got Talent and sing in front of the Queen Elizabeth.

Here some of the amazing and emotional clips...

AhSi Apa Pun Boleh........... =)